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That’s right. We have decided to add a FREE monthly newsletter for our readers.

The HOmeschooling Toddlers or “HOT” newsletter will feature our top posts and advice from the month, just in case you happen to miss reading them on our blog here.

We will also do a feature spotlight for a fellow homeschooling blog that we find is a good read for homeschooling parents.

That’s not even the best part though.

Every free monthly newsletter is going to feature a FREE printable that will not be made available on our blog. The only way to have access to these FREE downloadable preschool printables will be to subscribe to our newsletter. ^_^


So, what are you waiting for??

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Fun Infant and Toddler Learning Activity Ideas

It is always possible to create activities for infants and toddlers to have fun while learning at the same time. Learning shouldn’t be thought of in a rigged desk-and-book classroom sense. I am breaking that mold simply by suggesting to teach your kids before they reach school, so why not push the boundaries further.

If you are looking for some fun learning activities for infants and toddlers, here are some ideas that I have gathered from around the blogosphere for ways to have fun with your kids while teaching them, too. Continue reading

Teaching Children a Second Language

If you have ever been interested in teaching your children a second language, let me tell you that it is much easier than when you remember learning a foreign language in school. No drills, vocab tests, or videos to watch. Well, unless you want to watch some videos. The best ways for a child to learn a second language is to hear it used in everyday life. Teaching children a foreign or second language happens more naturally when they hear it in everyday context.

Especially if you start teaching them when they are in their toddler years. Preschoolers pick up foreign languages faster because their brains are growing at a rate 10 times faster than an adults.  After the age of 6, the growth rate of the brain slows immensely, so now is the time to cram in as much as you can to lay a solid foundation for their future in learning. Now this can be tough if you don’t know the language yourself.

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Over 100 free preschool homeschool curriculum ideas

A curriculum can sometimes halt parents that want to homeschool in their tracks. Just the word alone is enough to make you go “Whaaaat?!” But don’t be scared away that fast.

A curriculum does not have to be a large collection of expensive books that you must follow. I mean remember that we are talking about our toddlers and preschoolers here. Remember how I mentioned in my last post that states do not regulate preschool homeschooling.

What is a homeschool curriculum?

A curriculum is simply are “the courses offered by an educational institution”1

In this instance, the educational institution is your homeschool, so your curriculum will be the “courses” you decide to teach your child. There are plenty of curricula available all over the internet that parents can buy instead of creating their own. This is often times a better solution for parents that don’t have the time to do the in-depth and long hours of research that must be done to create am effective repertoire of toddler and preschooler activities.

I am also working on an eBook version of my homeschooling preschool curriculum that I have designed with toddlers under age 4 in mind (Stay tuned). Continue reading

Seven Tips for Teaching Toddlers

I am going to kick off this blog with a quick top seven list of tips, tricks, and ideas for teaching toddlers. Toddlers are basically adults with no experience. So, in order to teach them, sometimes you have to strip away your idea of “common sense” because, well, they don’t have it… yet.

This is your responsibility as their parent to teach your toddler how to view the world, how to analyze things, and yes, how to have common sense.

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The Start of Homeschooling Toddlers

Welcome to my new blog, Homeschooling Toddlers.

I appreciate you taking the time to read what I have to write and share with the world. I am hopeful that there are other parents like me out there in the world today. So, I have decided to share my ideals on teaching/educating my younger children as opposed to waiting until the day that I can “pawn them off” onto the public school system.

My struggle began when I tried researching for ways to educate my toddler and teach him as opposed to “occupying him”. I quickly became frustrated with the overwhelming amount of resources to “occupy toddler while you homeschool your older children” or “activities to keep your little one out of your hair”. Okay, that last title is a bit of a stretch, but that was the vibe I got from all the sites, posts, and advice I read. Continue reading